Steels for boilers and pressure vessels

Marketed by SETAL

These steels provide the maximum guarantee of security and hold for applications at high/low temperatures and under pressure, this is why they are generally used in the Oil & Gas, chemical and petrochemical sectors.

Also used for applications for the maintenance of physical chemical properties at extremely high or low temperatures, and construction of industrial refrigerators, boilers, ovens, condensers and heat exchangers. The materials are available in EN and ASME/ASTM.

P265GHEN 10028-33.1 acc. to EN 10204 PED5 - 100 mm
P275NH5 - 100 mm
P355GH5 - 200 mm
NL14 - 250 mm
P460NH8 - 100 mm
NL28 - 100 mm
A516GR.60ASTM / ASME5 - 100 mm
GR.703 - 200 mm