For more than 30 years

Sales of sheet-metals and steel

Founded in 1987 in Flero, in the Brescia area, Setal specializes in the sale of various types, dimensions and thicknesses of sheet-metals and steel. Thanks to the skills developed in over 30 years of business, to advanced logistics and immediate availability of items from stock, Setal is now a renowned and qualified reference point for metal carpentry and oxycutters in Italy and abroad, able to fulfill any type of order quickly and with the maximum efficiency.

With more than 40,000 m2 of space and a warehouse with a capacity of more than 50,000 tons, Setal is recognized internationally as an industry leader, differentiating itself by its wide range of items that are always available, its maximum speed and flexibility in fulfilling orders and its wide and efficient network of agents who work to offer technical consultancy and continuous assistance to every client.

Equipped with the latest generation cutting, sandblasting, processing and sheet-metal moving equipment, Setal responds precisely to the most diverse and specific client orders, providing common, special, heat-treatable, anti-wear and anti-corrosion steels, ideal for the most varied applications and uses.

Immediate availability and timely deliveries for urgent orders.

Thanks to its collaboration with its two subsidiary companies, ItalSteel and MondialSteel, Setal is able to supply specific materials for special uses, such as boron, high tensile strength and plate steel, always insuring the timeliness of deliveries and a wide availability of products in stock for urgent orders.

Industry leader

More than 30 years of experience and direct understanding of every application of the sheet-metal and steel sales sector make Setal a reference point for the domestic and international market, with its ability to respond with efficiency to customization requests and to anticipate the trends and needs of an ever-evolving market.

50,000 ton warehouse

To satisfy the increasingly urgent and complex needs of an active and constantly developing sector, over the years Setal has equipped itself with a more than 50,000 ton capacity warehouse, which guarantees each client the maximum flexibility and speed in best managing orders with tight deadlines or unexpected changes to orders.

Cutting-edge machinery

Sandblasters of up to 3200 mm width and 30 tons; 1200 ton presses; cutting machine for sheets of up to 450 mm thickness; Gantry cranes with a 10 to 55 ton capacity; magnets with a 10 to 50 ton capacity. Setal’s equipment guarantees the best customization of projects and security of the materials during processing and movement.