Steel sales

Since 1987 Setal has specialized in the sale of steel and sheet-metal of various dimensions and thicknesses since 1987 and is now an industry leader.

With more than 40,000 m2 of space and a warehouse with a capacity of more than 50,000 tons, Setal is recognized internationally as an industry leader and distinguishes itself by the varied and extensive offering of steels for special uses, such as carbon steel, heat-treatable steel, boiler steel, anti-wear steel, high tensile strength steel, coils and over rolling.

Thanks to the use of high-technology machinery and systems, Setal is able to efficiently and precisely respond to customization requests from clients and offer consultation and continuous assistance to follow the orders in every phase, from pre- to post-sale, through a wide sales network perfectly distributed both in Italy and abroad.


In addition to steel sales, Setal has excellent systems and technologies for the processing to guarantee a complete and personalized service to each client.
The company is equipped with:

  • 2 sandblasters, one for sheet metals of up to 2500 mm width, and the other up to 3200 mm for processing of weights up to 30 tons.
  • 1 press of 1200 tons.
  • 1 sheet-metal cutting machine for thicknesses up to 450 mm, to adapt to sheet-metal dimensions requested by the client.


  •  17 Gantry cranes carrying from 10 to 55 tons.
  • 19 magnets for weights between 10 and 50 tons that make it possible to guarantee the integrity of the material moved.



Setal Is specialized in the sale of carefully selected steel to guarantee the maximum quality of the raw materials for metal carpentry and oxycutters and a vast range of choices of the most appropriate raw materials for different uses. Setal’s offering includes common plate steel ideal for structural use, special steel for boilers, quenched and tempered steel, steel for molds and anti-corrosion sheet-metal. The line of thicknesses goes from 3 mm to 900 mm. The company offering is also completed by supply of two subsidiaries of the parent company: ItalSteel specializes in boron steel sheet metal, anti-wear and high tensile strength steel; MondialSteel sells plate steel deriving from lamination surplus and over rolling, and coils in flattened packs.


To best respond to the ever more complex and customized requests of clients, Setal offers a widespread sales network with in-depth understanding and technical experience, able to provide assistance and consultations to clients both pre- and post-sale. In fact, the company objective is to represent not only a steel reseller, but to be a true specialized and professional collaborator, a strategic and functional partner that always guarantees speed, quality, expertise and flexibility.