Your Partner

for steel sheet-metal sales

Much more than sales and marketing of steel sheet-metal. With more than 30 years of experience in the supply and processing of steel, Setal has the technical competence and in-depth knowledge of the market that makes it a complete partner, the ideal reference point to satisfy the specific needs of metal carpenters and oxycutters with the maximum flexibility and efficiency.

Equipped with a warehouse with a capacity of more than 50,000 tons and the latest generation cutting and sandblasting machines, as well as completely computerized systems for material movement and logistics, Setal is a trusted strategic consultant, perfectly in step with the evolution of the sector and able to guarantee timeliness, precision and security.

Immediate availability of both standard and customized sheet-metals and steels, management of urgent orders in Italy and abroad, supply of common and special steels for different uses make Setal one of the most well know and trustworthy players on the international market. The qualified and specialized widespread sales network guarantees professional consultation to clients for every need and provides continuous assistance service during every phase, both pre- and post-sale.

Selection, versatility and innovation for a punctual and customized service.

Thanks to continuous research of the best raw materials available, Setal offers a versatile and cutting-edge steel sheet-metal sales service that responds perfectly to the specific needs of the clients. Carbon, heat-treatable, anti-wear and anti-corrosion steels, and also coils in flattened packs and over rolling sheet-metals are always available for delivery to satisfy the requests of metal carpenters, oxycutters and industries active in the most varied commodity sectors.

Specialized technicians and qualified agents accompany the clients by providing detailed technical consultancy for choosing the best materials for each application and use. From small to large quantities, Setal is able to manage the sales of steel sheet-metal and steels of any thickness and dimension, dealing directly with cutting and sandblasting, always offering a cutting-edge service with an excellent price/quality ratio.