Heat-treatable and mold steel

Marketed by SETAL

These steels represent a good compromise between requests for resistance and requests for toughness. They are steels generally destined for quenching and tempering, frequently used in mechanical industries for the production of spindles, levers, cranks, bolts, shafts, half-hafts, supports, etc.

Items 2311 and 2312 represent steels ideal for medium and large sized molds. The condition at delivery is pre-quenched and tempered, and so it is also suitable for mechanical components in general. The 2311 steel is more suited to polishing, while 2312 is not polishable, but is easier to work with a greater sulfur content. The line is completed with items 2738 and 2714.

C45EN 10083-22.2 / 3.1 acc. to EN 102043 - 600 mm
23113.1 ACC. TO EN 1020420 - 800 mm
231220 - 800 mm
273820 - 900 mm
271420 - 600 mm