Anti-corrosion and COR-TEN sheet-metals

Marketed by SETAL

This steel owes its name to two English words that define its main characteristics: “Cor-rosion resistance” and “Ten-sile strength”, or heightened resistance to corrosion and mechanical wear.
COR-TEN steel, also known as “with phosphorus”, is a product where corrosion is blocked after having caused a reduction in thickness of approximately 0.05 mm; the availability of thicknesses is limited to 12 mm, and so is more suited to architectural fittings.

COR-TEN steel, also known as “chrome vanadium” steel, whose elevated mechanical characteristics are also maintained in high thicknesses, is also suitable for use in constructions subject to high loads.

S355JOW+NEN 10025-53.1 acc. to EN 102043 - 150 mm